Girly Post: Polka Dot Nails

Easy spring-y/summery nails: polka dots! I think polka dots are great for a beach-y holiday or maybe a south of France biking and picnicking hoiday?

As always, you'll need a base coat and top coat - two MUSTS for me. In addition, you'll need a base color and a second color for your polka dots. Last item you'll need is a toothpick, preferably one with a pointy end and a flat end - not one with two pointy ends.

I decided I wanted smurf blue nails with white polka dots. I used Essie's Coat Azure as the base blue and then used the white french tip polish from Rimmel for the dots. I should also mention that I love QUICK DRY top coats. It hardens in two minutes and there's less risk of smudging and more importantly less risk of staining your clothes or furniture when you accidentally smack your hand into something.
Start with the base coat then however many coats of base color you want. I like a nice opaque solid color so I did two thick layers. Then, using the flat side of the toothpick, I dipped it in the white and filled in a few random dots here and there on each nail.
Next, using the pointy end of the toothpick, I went and filled in the negative space with a few more tiny dots. I like the look of multiple sized dots but that's just my preference.
Then, I gave myself a few minutes of setting and drying time before applying the top coat. If you try and use top coat too soon, the white dots might not be set enough and you'll smear them so that you'll have a shooting star effect rather than crisp and pretty dots.