Biking like a European

Inspired by the bikes with baskets that I saw in Holland, I did some internet research to find a nice wicker basket to hang off of the front of my new beach cruiser (single-speed, $99 sale at Target).

After lots of research and debating, I decided on the European Market Basket from Cynthia's Twigs. It even has "European" in the name! And the owner, Cynthia, started designing these baskets after ones that she saw in Holland - how fitting.

Here's what it looks like:
It has sturdy hooks that latch over the handlebars of most bikes and it's suited for dogs to ride around in. And it comes in a few different sizes to suit your needs (and the weight of your canine friends, if applicable). There's also a metal brace (for $11) you can get if you know you'll be carrying something heavy (like your 15+lb dog). And she also sells basket liners; there are tons of different fabrics to suit your personality. I actually talked to Cynthia via email and over the phone and she's really kind and accommodating. It was definitely a pleasure doing business with her.

Anyway, now that the warm weather is upon us, I'd love to cycle over to my local farmer's market and buy fresh vegetables and bread and pretend to be in the French countryside.

I didn't purchase a liner from Cynthia but instead used the pillow from George Michael's old bed (yes, that's my dog's name). The basket hooks over my handlebars easily and GM is perfectly comfortable in it. It is a little heavy and mildly affects my steering but overall, it's not a burden at all.