Stay Clean

I'm loving these Go Clean Pack Bags from Flight 001! They're all made of a durable materials that support its function. For example, the wet suit bag has a resin coating to make it waterproof. But all of the bags are composed of a durable nylon which contains and keeps out smells.

These bags are a bit pricey. I think the only one I might invest in is the wet suit one, since it's sort of special. However, for the rest of your stuff, you can sort of just piggyback off of the idea. As I've said time and time again, ziploc bags are a great travel accessory.

I use small pouches and sacks that I've collected over the years (like the gift satchels you get from Sephora or canvas pouches from BCBG) for various items. It's much prettier and organized to pack with style instead of stuffing things into various plastic shopping bags.

Stay organized!