Gadgets for the Worrywart

I have low battery anxiety. It's probably because my iPhone 3gs is two years old and not exactly in tip-top-shape, but I am always worrying about the battery dying. I try my best to use my phone sparingly, just in case I run into an emergency where I really need my phone (like getting lost or needing to phone someone). So lately I've been thinking about getting an external battery pack and I think I've found "the one." This slim, portable external battery pack, by Sinoele, is compatible with multiple devices and runs for around $20. It's going to be awesome for long flights or layovers where outlets are few or unavailable.

Hanging out at the beach with valuable electronics seems like an irresponsible idea unless you have the Pelican Micro Case. Spend between $10 to $20 to get this watertight, uncrushable, and impact absorbing case for your phone or camera or what have you. You can take it in the water with you so you don't have to worry about your things getting stolen. This case would actually be great for any outdoorsy activity, like mountain climbing or horseback riding. Your valuable electronics would be safe inside the case, regardless of it taking a long, long tumble down a mountain or a horse stomping on it. It's available in multiple sizes and colors, so you can accommodate your needs and your style.

If you're traveling in a city, you can always ask a fellow tourist to take a photo of you standing in front of the iconic sights but what if you're too shy/hesitant of thievery to ask or you're exploring a remote area? The Gorilla Pod is nothing new, but it's a great investment if you don't have one already. It's a tripod that can be used normally but it has flexible legs so you can wrap it around a flag pole, hang it upside down from a tree branch, the possibilities are endless. They even sell an assortment of accessories (like an attachment that allows you to clip your iPhone to the pod) to suit your needs.

So let these gadgets help you take some of the stress and worry out of your holiday so you can really enjoy yourself.