Just a little sad

I'm disappointed I didn't go to leave the country at all this year, and have no plans to do so before the year is over. I made a slightly unrealistic goal back in my college days that I'd try and visit every country in Europe at least once before I turned 25 (which is in a month). But the fact that I kept visiting the same cities over and over sort of threw that dream out the window.

In Spring of 2008 I went to London.
In Winter of 2009, I went to London, Paris, Rome, and Dublin,
  and then in the Summer of 2009, I went to London, Glasgow, Paris, and Barcelona.
In Winter of 2010, I went to Madrid,
  and then in the Autumn of 2010, I went to Dublin, London, Paris, and Amsterdam.
In 2011, I didn't step foot in Europe at all; commence pouting.

However, I also made a (more reasonable) goal to visit at least one new city every year, and I have definitely accomplished that goal in 2011. I was sent to Kentucky/Indiana (playfully referred to as Kentuckiana by the locals) for work, this year - two states I'd never been to, or even considered visiting. It wasn't a glamorous trip, to say the least, but still new. I went to San Juan, Puerto Rico, which was amazing. That trip converted me into a beach holiday-loving chick. Plus, I've been "living" in Baltimore, which is a city I hadn't been to until work brought me here (and a part of the reason my travel has been so limited).

But, no more slacking. I'm going to make it my new goal to take as many opportunities to travel, as time and my wallet will allow. I already have Maui and Istanbul planned for 2012 and I might try to squeeze one more trip in. Currently, I'm dreaming of Peru; I'd love to climb Machu Picchu.



  1. Hahahaha funny story, I had a dream a few nights ago that I was reading another top ten awesome travel sites blog post and number 8 was "read Rachel's blog!" hahahaha my subconscious reminded me to check so now I check everyday!

    I loveeed your idea of hitting capitals before 25 but no need to stress about "missing" (you've still travelled more than most people I know!) the deadline... We are still young! I made a mental checklist the other day of all the cities I've been to now that I never dreamed I would have two years ago, it's incredible!!!
    One of my dreams after I get settled in the NL is to use the shit out of Eindhoven & Ryanair & easy jet and do weekend trips around Europe... Ahhhhhh <3 <3
    You must take copious pictures with the Peruvian llamas if you make it there!!

    I also revisit places... It's so hard not to when they are fabulous! <3

  2. GOOD POINT. We are still young!

    You'd better abuse those cheap airfares! I get emails from Ryanair and Easyjet sometimes about flash sales and I'm always SO bitter that I can't use them... but you will be able to!

    And once you're an NL/Europe expert, you can be my human travel guide :)


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