Free Money, Free Miles

I developed a weird case of A.D.D. while I was in college. I constantly need to be overstimulated, which is probably a condition that plagues most of my generation. My theory is that it started innocently with me playing some music while snacking on saltines and studying but then the number of tasks I'd be doing in one given time started to grow. I'd constantly get the urge to procrastinate so I'd check my email and sign into AIM to chat with friends and do a little online window shopping. A year into college, facebook came out with its photos feature and that became another distraction. Pretty soon, it became a habit to have seventeen tabs open in my browser, a media player (with either music or tv show) playing in the background, and scattered AIM message boxes across the screen while I was doing my homework and eating dinner. Where was I going with this?

Oh yeah. Now I have an office job (except when I'm getting muddy on a construction site) and sitting in front of a computer all day gives me that same need to be overstimulated because I get so bored otherwise. However, I don't watch movies and peruse facebook at work, as that is not professional, and getting caught would be quite embarrassing. But I still need the random distractions so once in a while, I'll answer surveys with e-rewards and e-miles for free money and free miles.

E-rewards is more flexible - you can pick how to redeem the money you earn, but I'm saving them up to redeem for miles and/or hotel points with Flying Club (Virgin America & Virgin Atlantic) and/or HHonors (Hilton Hotels). I have accounts with both VA and HH and they asked me if I wanted to join e-rewards.

E-miles is exclusively associated with Continental/United Airlines (they've joined forces) and like with e-rewards, Continental asked me if I wanted to sign up.

So far, over the course of about a year, I've earned $278.72 with e-rewards and 1800 miles with e-miles. Since I don't fly with the same airline v. often, it's hard for me to earn enough miles to get a free flight somewhere and this is a great way to supplement the points.

I'm not signed up with any other programs (though I'm sure there are more associated with other airlines/hotels) but if you have a few points earned with an airline, it might be worth it to check. For example, I found out that Delta has a page where you can earn miles with partners.