Safety First!

If you're traveling abroad, it's always a good idea to leave a copy of your itinerary with a friend or family member and as an added precaution, register with STEP. You have to create an account and then you can enter details about your upcoming trip. Then, the Dept of State will have a simpler time helping you out in an emergency. God forbid anything happen to you while you're on holiday, but it's always good to have your bases covered.

Other precautionary steps: make copies of your passport and any other ID to bring with you just in case you lose your bags or get them stolen. And compile a list of email addresses or phone numbers of the hotels you'll be staying at so you can call them to cancel or change your reservations if your plans are thwarted by an unexpected incident.

And it's also a smart idea to travel with a mini first aid kit. You could buy one but personally, I find it cheaper and easier to make it myself. I just throw a few things into a travel soap dish (you can pick one up at Target for under $2) and it's really convenient because it's small, portable, and keeps things from getting damaged or crushed. You can obviously alter the contents according to your needs and just restock before each trip. Just remember that if you're packing this in your carry on, you have to be wary of putting liquids in your kit.

Cheers and safe travels.