Snapfish Storage & Albums

I love to order prints of my travel photos on Snapfish. After every trip, I wait for a free shipping coupon code or a "# prints for $___" type deal and place an order. And then, I eventually make an album or scrapbook. I love blogging because it preserves a lot of memories but having a tangible album is awesome. Instead of displaying coffee table books, I leave out my travel albums.

Of course, not all of the photos I order make it to the album, so I keep them organized in a giant storage box (which I got from Michaels for $6).
{hydrangeas are my favorite flowers and I love Paris so this box is perfect for me}

{and inside are lots and lots of photos}
{here's one of the first albums I made, circa 2008}
{it's from my senior year spring break trip to London}
{all three of us made scrapbooks after our trip}
{this is from my 1 month trip to Europe after graduation, February 2009}
{and this album's from a family summer vacation to Europe, 2009}
{and this scrapbook is my sister's doing}
{it's from my family's trip to Madrid in 2010}
{and this scrapbook's my creation}
{from our trip to Hawaii for my cousin's destination "wedding"}
{and this is from my trip to Turks & Caicos}
I still have a stack of photos from both of my trips to Puerto Rico that need to be organized and put into an album.

Album making is a fun activity. I think it's nice to actual print out digital photos instead of letting them rot away on a hard drive. So go! Print out some photos!