My Current Pre-Summer Wishlist

With Memorial Day a little over a week away, I'm dreaming about the sales at the mall and what I'd really love to purchase for myself. I'd been wanting a great crochet dress for the beach and a pair of round lens sunglasses and I was able to find both in one shopping outing a few weeks ago. Thus, I'm able to cross both of those off of my list and my current wish list looks like this:
my 2013 pre-summer wishlist
  1. cute & casual mini backpack: I'm looking for a backpack in a distressed leather or canvas that will be perfect for quick trips to the beach as well as my upcoming Belize holiday. It needs to be big enough to hold my new camera but small enough to prevent myself from overpacking. I love the mint green Aztec print backpack by Victoria's Secret but that particular pattern seems to be sold out (boo).
  2. baggy scallop hem shorts: I've been dreaming about a pair of pretty scalloped hem shorts for a few years now, but have yet to find the "perfect pair." I'm looking for ones with a paper bag waist (or similar) with a bit of a baggy fit.
  3. chunky low block heel sandals: These don't look ultra chic but that chunky short heel takes me straight back to my childhood. I always felt so grown-up wearing my 1" to 2" heels; and ironically, now those same heels make me yearn for my youth. I love a good sexy skinny heel but there's something about the way these shoes look that make me happy; what is it? Ah, yes, the fact that they look comfortable enough to wear for hours and hours.
Sometimes I dream about having an unlimited income and then I think about whether or not shopping would be more or less fun. For me, half of the enjoyment comes from the coveting and wishing and hoping that the perfect ____ that I'm looking for will come along. Would that desire-related enjoyment disappear if I had a swimming pool full of money? I could be the world's most shallow philosopher.