DIY Wire Name Bracelet

This isn't going to be a v. instructional DIY post because it isn't v. complicated. I just bought some 20 gauge wire from Michaels and used the little jewelry pliers/tools set I bought a while ago and molded the wire into a bracelet.

The wire was $3 - I chose a pink-toned one - and the jewelry pliers set was about $10 (can't remember the exact price, as I purchased it years ago).
It's a good idea to first draw out your name (or whatever word or design you choose to create) and make sure it's a size that will fit on your wrist and that it's not too complicated to create out of wire. I suggest writing in cursive, since it'll make it easier to create your design using a continuous line. And then, shape away. You'll need to create some sort of loop and lock feature to make sure your bracelet stays in place. I made a little circular loop at the start of my name and a little hook with the end of my wire that would slip into the loop.

And here it is! I'm not sure if you can see the little loop and hook feature I created in this photo. Maybe in the last photo frame in the collage above?
Trying it on:
Here's another angle, just because.
This took me maybe 10 minutes to do while I was watching Netflix on my iPad. It's a great rainy day or Tuesday evening activity.