Girly Post: Blue Eyeliner

I've been daydreaming out warm weather and beach holidays for quite some time now - probably the second I stepped on the plane to leave Puerto Rico back in November. I recently bought a blue eyeliner from Makeup Forever (Turquoise 7L) because I wanted to take it with me to Belize to rock some awesome beachy looks but I thought, "why wait?" and rocked in on a random work day.

These photos have been edited a bit (because I wasn't smart enough to take them in decent lighting), but don't make any mistake - the blue eyeliner is seriously bright.
I took this crazy scary close up photo so you could see the eyes a bit better. I created this look by lining my eyes with the blue eyeliner and winging it out. Then, I went back in with a regular black cream eyeliner and lined quite close to my lashes and just under the wings of the blue liner to give my eyes more definition. I did use an eyeprimer, but I have to say that the MUFE eyeliner is budge-proof. It lasted all day without smearing or creasing or fading. You can definitely find cheaper colorful eyeliners at the drugstore, but none in this quality. [Like I mentioned above, I bought this myself so I'm not being paid to say how much I like this eyeliner, FYI!]
When my eyes are open, you can't see the blue across my lids but you do see a little peek of it in the wings, which I quite like.