what i want to eat: Parisian Savories

  1. Baguettes! French bread is amazing in itself. French bread IN France is on a whole other level. Go to a good bakery to get freshly baked bread, where the crust is crisp and crusty (redundant, I know) and the inside is soft and chewy. Good bread to me is perfectly chewy, and not at all tough or hard to eat. I hate when a crust is SO hard that the roof of my mouth gets ridiculously scraped up.
  2. You can't have your bread without cheese! So check out a nice market or experiment during lunch at a cafe or dinner at a restaurant.
  3. Steak-frites (steak with fries). Visit a bistro or brasserie for this fare. The former is a bit more homey and serves mostly traditional foods; the latter is upscale, yet relaxed.
  4. Croque monsieur or croque madame. Open-faced ham and cheese sandwiches; the difference between the two is that the 'madame' is served with an egg, sunnyside up.
  5. Oysters! Why not indulge in some aphrodisiacs in the City of Love; fitting, no? (There's a lot of arguments about the falsity of the existence of aphrodisiacs, but there is also some evidence saying oysters may do the trick! Check out this article for more info).


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