money is such a hassle

Before you head out on your international holiday, remember to call up your banks and/or credit card companies to let them know you'll be overseas. That way, they are aware that you will be abroad and won't freeze your credit card for "suspicious activity." You can let them know way in advance and they usually just log into the computer the dates you'll be gone.

Many credit cards charge you fees when used abroad. There are foreign currency exchange fees, regular credit card fee, as well as a fee charged by the bank and that can add up. That's why it may be a smart idea to use your debit card to withdraw a good chunk of cash because that's a one-time fee vs. using your credit card over and over. Check out Rick Steve's advice for a more detailed and comprehensive overview of spending overseas.

And here's a link for prepaid cards available in foreign currency. Maybe that's your best bet? Though, I hate using giftcards because it's impossible to use up the exact amount! There's always a dollar or a few pennies leftover on it. Wasteful.