what i want to eat: Irish Fare

  1. Tipsy cake - basically just layers of cake soaked in alcohol (usually wine or whiskey) covered in custard and whipped cream.
  2. Irish stew - hearty, and yummy. Many recipes call for beer to be mixed in with the stock. I'd like to try the stew made with Guinness from Dublin. (Guinness in Europe tastes oh-so-very different than it does in the U.S.).
  3. Smoked salmon - not exactly what Ireland is known for, but apparently, their method of smoking is different because these aren't your typical lox from a Brooklyn deli.
  4. Irish breakfast - consists of fried eggs, bacon, grilled tomato, and either white or black pudding. White and black pudding are both types of sausage; the difference is that the black pudding is made with blood, the white is made without it.
  5. Lamb - sheep farming is huge in Ireland so can't go there without having some sort of lamb dish. I'm usually not a fan of lamb because it can be gamey, but I'm ready!