mini break 2010 - financial summary (flights, lodging, ground transport)

Flights: $1426.16 total, $713.08 per person
Lodging: $862.78 total, $431.39 per person
Ground Travel: $312.42 total, $156.21 per person

TOTALS: $2601.36 for both, $1300.68 per person - for 10 days out of the country, including lodging, and transport... all that's missing now is food, souvenirs, and non-free tourist attractions. I plan on bringing about $500 spending money with me to use on food and knickknacks and credit cards for everything else (like shopping!).

This is just an estimate though. I'll have to see what our ACTUAL total is after we return because maybe we'll spend a little more on the taxi ride and a little less on some metro tickets, who knows?