36 Hours in DC: Packing List

I'm headed to DC this weekend with H. We've both been to DC separately several times and we've gone together a bunch too. This time around, we plan on biking around the city (because while we were in Toronto we discovered that we make an amazing biking duo) and we're going to visit some of our favorite spots and maybe some new ones.

This past winter has been incredibly brutal (I mean, it snowed last night in the NY Metro area!) so I've been looking forward to this little jaunt for weeks. I planned my spring timey outfits a while ago and I've been editing every time I checked the weather forecast. It's still a bit chilly, but the sunshine and lack of snow plow piles on the ground has me incredibly grateful and happy.
Here's what I'm bringing:
36 hours in DC
I wanted to share what I'm packing and how I'm packing it. I've got three outfits, toiletries, camera, iPad, jewelry, hair accessories, makeup, headphones, and my travel journal. By the way, the items in the collage above don't necessarily match the items below because I've revised my packing list a bunch of times since I did my little photoshoot.
This is the outfit I'm wearing on my morning train ride down and throughout the first day there.
I tucked my second and third outfits (one for dinner out and one for day 2) as well as some PJs and undergarments into a slim packing cube. I'm going to share a post all about packing cubes soon, but spoiler alert: I love them. Putting the clothes into a packing cube keeps things organized and clean. I also save the dustbags from my fancier shoes and use them for my shoes when I'm packing.
I recently got a new carry on bag and I love it. It's a little bigger than my tan barney's bag and it's a bit more structured, which means it makes packing easier.
Everything fits nice and snug into the bag with room leftover. And actually, instead of my iPad, I might bring my laptop with me, just so I can blog on the train ride down and the train ride back since it's a three hour trip. I haven't yet decided if I want to be productive or lazy.
And of course, I need to bring a little bag for our day time activities. This one will hold my phone and wallet (and train ticket). It's also a nice little test run for both bags, as they will be coming with me to Italy (unless this test run is unsuccessful).
I'm really excited. We have a really flash hotel booked and a map with everything we might possibly want to see plotted up.

See you when I get back!