Miami Snapshots Part 1

Happy Labor Day! I was so incredibly grateful for this past weekend. I haven't had a quiet, vegetative, relaxing weekend in months. And if you know me, you know that I'm pretty introverted and I love alone time so I've been growing more and more anxious with every busy weekend. But, I finally got a chance to cool off - and a long weekend at that - so I'm feeling a lot happier.
That isn't to say that I haven't had fun during my super busy weekends. Last weekend, I flew down to Florida for a girls' trip with three of my fellow bridesmaids and the bride-to-be for a bachelorette holiday. Miami was so friggin' awesome. We had a fun time and I wanted to share a few snaps from the trip. I'll be breaking the photos up into four posts because we took so GD many.

We landed in time for lunch and we headed to Alma Mexicana. We got fish tacos (of course) and an order of steak tacos which were generously sprinkled with cilantro. As cilantro lovers, we were all v. grateful. The horchata was also on point. It was sweet and cinnamony and creamy, just how I like it. (By the way, if you haven't had horchata before, I've got a recipe over on my food blog!)
After lunch, we were able to check into our hotel, which was beautiful, but not without a few bumps in the road. We stayed at the Eden Roc (which I stayed at the last time I was in Miami) and it's a lovely hotel but I was super disappointed with one particular staff member during our check in.

Here's the scoop: our room wasn't ready yet but the man I talked to said that it would likely be ready soon so we were kind of hanging out. I went up to the desk to find out what time our room might be ready so we could decide whether to go out and do something or continue to wait. The lady at the desk typed away on the computer and looked up at me and said, "Hm, your room might be ready around 4 o'clock." So I said, "Seriously? 4? What time is regular check in?" "It's 4:00." "Okay, so you're just telling me that the room might be ready by regular check in?" And I walked away before she had a chance to answer. She was stupid. Isn't that the dumbest answer ever? Thankfully, that was the only sour note of the entire trip. And luckily, our room was ready about 10 minutes later.
We hung out at the pool a little and then took a dip in the ocean.
The water was way too warm (90F) and filled with seaweed but it was still enjoyable. It definitely looks prettier from afar.
After our leisure time, we got showered and dressed for dinner.
We walked over to the hotel next door, the Fontainebleau, and headed to dinner at Hakkasan.
We were there during Spice Week so we ordered a round of the prix-fixe menu and also got the mushroom hand pulled noodles and the jasmine spiced ribs because I ate both of those last time and enjoyed them a ton. It was a great decision as they were the stars of the meal.
The restaurant is gorgeous.
The short ribs were so crazy tender that the waiter started shredding it off the bone for us.
This snapper was a disappointment though. It was way too fishy. The filet was curled up on itself so there was a large mass of fish that didn't have any breading and I feel like that's what made it taste more fishy. The sauce was good and the breading was delicious but the fish was a thumbs down.
This sautéed lettuce was so good. Who knew cooked lettuce could be so delicious?
The dessert was amazing too; the mango custard and panna cotta were light and tropical and a great way to end the meal.
After dinner, we thought we might grab drinks but we were feeling super tired - possibly from a travel-filled morning, possibly due to our old age - so we headed back to our hotel, put on some trashy TV, and conked out.