36 Hours in Toronto: Packing List

Here's what I'm thinking about packing for my short trip this weekend:
I'm packing low-maintenance dresses - ones that will be comfy for the plane rides up and back - and of course, a fun clubbing outfit for Saturday evening. I'll be wearing comfy boots so that I'll be happy walking all around the city and a light jacket, in case it gets chilly.

I'm so excited to carry a tiny travel bag that's stuffed with just two little outfits because I'll be able to go through security in a flash. Of course my camera is coming with me. I've been to Toronto several times but haven't explored it in a touristy setting, so I'm really excited. I looked up cool places we should visit and I have a few sites that are high priority. And we'll certainly Yelp our tummies happy once we get there.

I'm also incredibly excited to update my blog when I get back. I've been traveling so much this year and it's been awesome - Texas, DC, Mount Rushmore, the Badlands, Teddy Roosevelt National Park, France, Miami, and soon I'll be adding Toronto and Turks & Caicos to the list. I think this might be my most travel-y year yet. Oh! And because my cousin and her husband have moved to Philly, I expect that we'll be doing a short trip there soon. I'm having so much fun and I feel so blessed. So many local trips mixed in there, which is nice because they're budget friendly as well.

Thanks for reading! xoxo.