4 Years!

What the heck? Has it really been four friggin' years since I started blogging over here? That's crazy to me. I actually started this blog as a way to document the 10-day, 4-city Euro trip I was planning with a former beau. I wrote down every bit and bob of the decision-making and booking process and then relived it afterwards through this online space. I had never meant for it to be anything more than a personal diary.
This blog has changed a bit since its early days. I've been sharing quite a few DIYs and even a nail tutorial here and there. I've traveled to several new countries (including Turkey and Belize) and I learned that I love to snorkel. And lucky for me, I've got a few consistent visitors and my readership is pretty impressive, considering this is still just a fun little hobby for me.

Here's to another many more years filled with traveling and DIYs and lots of fun. Thanks to everyone who reads. Cheers!


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