Puppy Playtime

A couple weeks ago, I took a week off to have a 'staycation' at home. Usually, I'm all about planning fun trips to faraway places but I hadn't taken one day off in all of 2013 (not counting official holidays) and I hadn't spent a good chunk of time sitting at home doing nothing since college so a little R&R at home was amazing.

During one of those days, we had a dog named Stan visit our home. I included a photo of him in my previous post and thought I'd share the rest of the shots I took.

Here's Stan hanging out on the couch. He's smiling!
I love how short his legs are and how long his nose is. Oh, and I love how the tip of his tail is blurry because he's wagging it so hard.
And here's GM (George Michael). I refer to him as my son all the time, which is probably creepy to non-dog owners. His fur's gotten quite long and he's due for a haircut but I love how moppy and messy he looks. That stray piece of dried grass stuck to his face is disgusting but it's cute to me.
I love this shot because it looks like GM is throwing his head back and laughing. Did you know that dogs laugh for real? Yeah, it's pretty cool. I love dogs because they are so in tune with humans. If you have Netflix and you are a dog lover, I recommend watching The Science of Dogs. I learned quite a lot about my favorite animal.
Stan is so photogenic, right? His tongue's hanging out because it was a warm day. Can you blame him? Imagine you had to wear a fur coat all summer long and you could only sweat through your tongue.
Stan's (visible) eye looks evil. This was a rare shot. GM was a bit scared of Stan (who actually tried to hump GM at one point) so I probably only got 3 or 4 photos where both of them are in the frame before GM ran off.
Okay, byebye! Ha! Sorry if you are offended by this photo but I couldn't help it. I mean, I guess I could help myself, but I didn't want to.