Cornell Class of 2013

I just wanted to share a few shots from my sister's graduation.
{commencement starting}
{PhD candidates}
{rogue balloons}

{baby sister!}
{class of 2013}
{oh, you know, just two civil engineers, hanging out}
{big red bear!}
{outside of Hollister}
{the civE building}
{at Mate Factor}
The weather was a bit chilly, but like I promised it would be, it was gorgeous and sunny. I was quite happy with the temperature though, because I think I'd much rather it be on the cooler side when we have to be packed into a stadium, sitting and watching kids file into their seats for two hours instead of sweating like a beast in 80 degree weather. Though, because of the chilliness, I had to scrap my original outfit idea and switch to pants, but hey, I can roll with the punches.

After the first ceremony with the entire graduating class, we went to a smaller ceremony for just civil engineers. It was pretty cool, though there were so few females in the graduating class, I was quite surprised. Come on ladies! Engineering is awesome.

Once the ceremony was over, we walked down to the Ithaca Commons and did some window shopping and popped into F. Oliver's (an olive oil and balsamic vinegar shop) to pick up a prize my sister won. For dinner, our party of 6 headed into Taste of Thai. I was the one that demanded we eat there (and forced my sister to make a reservation) because it was one of my favorite restaurants when I was a Cornellian. Their pineapple fried rice was still super delicious.

After that, it was off to pack up my sister's apartment. It was a weird feeling to sort of repeat my own graduation day. It made me super nostalgic and I really missed being a university student. Ahh, well, I'm making myself sound old, aren't I?

So that's enough, then.