Belize Final Planning

My trip to Belize is just two weeks away and I couldn't be more excited. I'm starting to gather my things to pack up and make sure that we've bought everything we need - you know, things that are easier to purchase here rather than abroad.

Here's what's on my last minute shopping list:
  • sunscreen
  • bug spray (mosquito season!)
  • bug bite anti-itch treatment (just in case the bug spray isn't 100% successful)
  • aloe (to treat our sun-kissed skin)
As you can see, it's all skin-related. I'm not keen on purchasing this sort of stuff abroad for a few reasons: I want to make sure it's reliable (meaning it's a brand I can trust and one I'm not allergic to) and that it's affordable (I hate to pay sky-high markup on a product that's twice as cheap in the States) but mostly, it's a convenience factor. It would be annoying to hop from place to place trying to find exactly what I want.

Also, I've been doing a bit more research on beaches and snorkeling expeditions and all that jazz. I haven't finalized anything, but of course, I'll share anything and everything I learn after the trip. I'm pretty sure we'll do two snorkeling trips: one to Hol Chan Reserve and Shark Ray Alley and then maybe a second one to see manatees or maybe to Mexico Rocks. And of course, we'll definitely do a trip to one of the ruins; I'm still thinking Lamanai.

I read that the beaches off of Ambergris Caye aren't too impressive. There isn't much sand for laying out and once you get in the water, there's a lot of sea grass and you have to be wary of boats; heaven forbid you get struck by a boat while on holiday. However, we're quite lucky. The hotel I booked (The Palms Oceanfront Suites) is located adjacent to Ramon's Village which has a reputation for the nicest beach on the island so I'm sure we'll be hanging out there. And if it's really that terrible (though I highly doubt it will be anything shy of amazing) we can hop on a ferry (RT $17.50) to Caye Caulker.

I'm so excited! AHH!

Oh, and because I think posts are no fun without any photos, here's a shot of a dachshund named Stan: