Williamsburg Flea Market

As I mentioned in my succulent post, over the weekend, I went to the Williamsburg Flea Market with my favorite friend. Just take the L into Brooklyn, get off at the first stop (Bedford Avenue) and walk towards the river. Here are some shots from the day.
{busy day. loved the solar panels scattered throughout the market}

{more hustle & bustle}
{mirror self-portrait. obligatory.}
{put a bird on it!}
{watch this}
{1 pair of shoes + 5 single shoes}
{chicken dish}
{how awesome would it be to serve chicken... or eggs... in this?}
{pink elephant - my favorite object I saw at the market}
{poodle. A. droopy dog. R. D's rings. weird earrings. homemade tags.}
{more self-portraits. this time, it's me in weird glasses.}

{vintage typewriter. meat grinders. prints. keys.}
{more mirror shots}
{searching and typing}
{sopes with chorizo and steak topped with sour cream, cheese, pico de gallo, avocado sauce, and hot salsa}
{Maine-style lobster roll}
{fresh watermelon juice and fresh lemon-lime juice}
{view of Manhattan}