Belize: Overexcited

Is anyone else like me, where future plans get you so happy and excited that you're in a good mood (almost) everyday?

Lately I've just been so excited and happy because of my trip to Belize. As I do more research, figure out a general itinerary, finalize transportation plans, it gets me more and more excited. I submitted my vacation time request forms to my supervisor yesterday and that small gesture gave me a surge of joy because it was just another reminder that this trip is happening. By the way, this trip is 80 days away.

On (most) Sunday evenings, I try and find a calming/relaxing activity to do so that I'll be well-rested for the work week. Usually, I treat myself to a pamper evening with a bath and a trashy magazine or a few hours of guilty-pleasure television but this past Sunday, I sat down with my journal and started figuring out what I might wear on my Belize trip. Here are the results:
{my packing list}
{my packing list, illustrated}
So let me repeat the question I posed at the beginning of this post: anyone else get overexcited the way I do?