Camera Case

A few weeks ago, I shared about how I bought a new camera, remember? Since then, I'd been looking for a case because I am a worrier and I like to protect all my electronics. I even have screen protectors and a case for my Nintendo DS - that's how much of a nerd I am about it. I was shopping online and looking all over for the ideal case - something protective and functional but still stylish and not overly bulky.

I ended up buying the Acmemade Montgomery Street Case. It's plush - like a sweatshirt or a fluffy comforter, it has two zippered areas - a big pouch for the camera and a smaller pocket for small accessories, it has a strap and a little handle so you could hang it off a belt or strap, and it's pretty! It comes in two colors, grey and olive, (I chose grey), and it's $30 (minus the shipping fees). I've had it for almost two weeks now and I love it. It fits my Sony NEX 5R perfectly and could definitely hold another smaller-sized lens without feeling overcrowded.

I know this case is going to be great for traveling because it's compact enough to pack in my bags and I won't worry about my camera being crushed or broken en route.

Cheers and happy shopping!