Bring Me Back to Paris: Wall Decals

I've been feeling really wanderlusty lately - is that even a word? Yes, I have a trip to Belize planned but that's in July, which is quite a ways away (a ways away? oh man). Unfortunately, my workload and my budget just aren't flexible enough for me to just get up and go whenever I feel like it.

Thankfully, last weekend, I was in Target and I spotted some wall decals and ended up finding one of the Eiffel Tower with bokeh hearts and decided I could bring some holiday cheer (meaning the happiness one finds being on vacation, not the Christmas season kind) to my room. I didn't link the exact decal because for some reason, Target doesn't have it on their website. They do have one that's called "Wall Decal Paris" but from the photo, and the reviews, it looks like it's actually Parliament and Big Ben. And I totally wouldn't have minded getting that one either but it wasn't available in my local store.

To apply, I just took a damp sponge and wiped down my walls to make sure they were dust-free and clean so the decals would stick. Then, I made a few measurements using a ruler and a level and marked off corners with a pencil and then stuck on the stickers. I think this would be a great craft idea too - you could most definitely buy some contact paper and print an image onto it and then slap it onto your walls.
{forgive my messy bedspread}
{and here I am, pretending to be hanging out by the Tour Eiffel}