Belize - BZE to SPR

We are flying United Airlines from EWR (Newark Int'l Airport) to BZE (Belize City). However, our hotel is in San Pedro on Ambergris Caye so how do we get there?

From my research so far, it looks like there are two options:
  1. fly
  2. sail (Or boat? Which verb is more appropriate?)
Flying from Belize City to San Pedro takes about 20 minutes. I've found two airlines that service this route: Tropic Air ($62.50 one way + $5.00 fees) and Maya Island Air ($67.25 one way includes fees). These airlines also have routes to Caye Caulker and Corozal and a few other cities for similar prices.

Taking a water taxi from Belize City to San Pedro takes a bit more planning and time. You have to take a taxi from the airport to the Marine Terminal (which is about $25 - for the ride, not per person - and takes about 25 minutes). Then you have to hop on the water taxi (San Pedro Water Taxi) which is $17.50 one way and takes 1.5 hours because obviously, water travel is slower than air travel and the boat makes stops.

Personally, I'm opting for the flight. The water taxi is only cheaper if I'm of the belief that my time is worthless. I think that the stress and effort of lugging my bags through the city and onto a boat just isn't worth the $20 savings, but hey, that's just me and where I am in my life now. In my college days, that $20 would've been worth so much more to me than my time.

I haven't booked my flights yet, so there's still a minute possibility that I might change my mind. However, it's really just because the flights are fixed price.

115 days!