Underwater Photography

I gotta say, I rely on my iPhone camera a LOT. I use it to take photos for both my blogs because it's just so convenient and easy. That being said, I'm planning on using my iPhone as my primary photo-taking-device in Turks and Caicos. Remember my electronics on the beach post? I went ahead and ordered the underwater iPhone case, disposable underwater camera, two floaty things, and an otterbox case.

The otterbox case is super sturdy, has a rubber lining around the edge so you know it's making a waterproof seal when it's closed, and it's big enough to fit a wallet, keys, phone, and other knickknacks. It is a little heavy, but hey, that's what you have to deal with if you want something this size.

The iPhone case is actually better than I expected. It comes with a strap so you can dangle it from your neck.
The way it works: there's a bit of extra material that extends beyond the bottom of the iPhone that seals with a zip-top. Then you roll it down.
Then you velcro the rolled down zip top piece and then there's a second velcro piece for added seal. It really does protect your phone. The real test will come when it's submerged a few feet underwater though. I'll be using my old iPhone 3GS just in case.
And though lots of people wrote that this strap is too big and slips off, I think putting it around my "bicep" (HA!) will be better as far as not being in the way and not falling off - though I can't believe anyone is dumb/lazy enough to just let their valuables float off their arm. Hold onto that strap, dummies!

5 days!!