Flagler Museum

Henry Flagler, who was a super ambitious railroad and oil and real estate tycoon and Rockefeller's partner in Standard Oil, had a winter home in Palm Beach called White Hall. A few decades ago, it was in danger of being destroyed, so his granddaughter repurchased the property and turned it into a museum. It's a really beautiful and luxurious home - can't believe he only spent his winters there - and it's a really nice place to visit if you're in the Palm Beach area. Admission is $18 for adults (I think it's $10 for youth, $3 for kids, and free for tiny babies).

They recently built a pavilion to house Flagler's personal railcar, Railcar No. 91, and you can take a walk through that as well.

Flagler is credited as the founder of Palm Beach and Miami, since he is the guy who developed these cities so kudos to him! If you ever have a chance to visit (or stay at) the Breakers Hotel (formerly known as the Palm Beach Inn) I highly suggest you do so. Here's a link to my eats blog: I ate at the Breakers Seafood Bar.

I took a ton of photos and kind of picked out the "winners" to make a pretty messy photo montage. I loved the really French palacial style of many of the larger rooms and I also loved how all the bedrooms had decorative themes (like "the pink room" and "the blue room" and "the gold room").