McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are ever in the Palm Beach area, I highly suggest you go to McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary. It's located in a residential area - which may throw you when you're heading over - but it's actually a pretty large space with lots of animals.

The special and fun aspect of visiting a place like this rather than a zoo is that the tour size is small so you get a great view of the animals and even get to interact with them. We were allowed to hold a tropical bird (can't remember its species - I'm not really big on birds), a honey bear a.k.a. kinkajou, a Burmese python, and we had the option of holding a tarantula but my arachnophobia drove me away from that one.

It's $25 per person (which you pay via credit card when you call ahead to make your reservations) and it was well worth it. Profits and donations all go towards taking care of the animals and since there are quite a few large felines and giant tortoises, it costs quite a lot to feed these guys. It was a really special experience.