Car Rentals in Providenciales

ACK! Even though way back when I booked my trip to Turks & Caicos, I decided not to rent a car, I'm starting to realize that it might be prudent to rent one anyway. We plan on packing a bunch of food to bring down to eat for breakfast and lunch but I've saved a bit of money for a lovely dinner every night (+ other fun stuff). [[The trick is to put aside a little bit of money each week - even putting aside $20 each week will add up]]. Anyway, I've started looking up delicious restaurants and it seems that most of them are too far to reach by walking and I've read many warnings not to go wandering around on foot at night.

Avis has the lowest rates that I've seen so far - around $38 per day or $250 per week, for the lowest priced car. And when you consider that one taxi ride will usually cost you about $20 (each way), a rental car is practical. Also, since my sister and I are most excited to snorkel, having a car will mean we'll have easier access to some of the more remote beaches.

I'm still looking up prices and advice - a few people say to rent a 4x4 because of the potholes and less-than-idea road conditions. I'm leaning towards renting a car for just part of the trip, but we shall see!


  1. I say go for the car!!! At least in Ibiza it makes a world of a difference - the freedom to drive to remote beaches is reason enough! Do it!!

  2. Thanks! Your encouragement gave me the push I needed. I just booked a car! YIKES :)


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