Tis The Season to Spend Money

With the two holidays I have planned in the near-ish distant future and the fact that every retailer is yelling, "It's almost Christmas, bitch!" in my face everywhere I turn, I've been spending a lot of time shopping online (mostly window, but made some real purchases as well). I've been on the hunt for a compact wallet, a protective sleeve for my iPad, and the perfect tote and I've found two out of the three, at least I think (because my purchases haven't arrived so they have yet to be evaluated).

I've been using a key pouch to hold my money and credit cards and whatnots but I thought it was time for a proper wallet. I ordered this Rebecca Minkoff wallet, and I'm hoping it's as decent in person as it seemed online. I like it because it zips all around (which forces me to keep its contents at a minimum, lest it burst open), it has 4 card slots (which gives me room for my debit card, 2 credit cards, and my driver's license), and it's just big enough to suit the dimensions of American paper money. That last point is quite important to me, as I never understood why there are so many wallets designed with widths that are larger than the width of paper money. It seems like French wallets are v. in these days (Kate Spade, Michael Kors, and Ted Baker have quite a variety available this season). French wallets are rather compact and simple, but I don't want to fold up my money and squish it in, since that's what I'm doing right now with my key pouch.

I also ordered this cute little Marc Jacobs neoprene iPad case with faux fur lining. Currently I have a protective sticker backing, screen protector, and smart cover on my iPad - which is my minimalist approach to sating my incessant need to protect any and all electronics. However, the idea of my stuff getting banged around in a crowded airport made me want to get some heartier protection. Neoprene (the material used to make wetsuits) is a bit stretchy and offers a snug fit, so it's space efficient and its precious contents won't slide around and get damaged, it's lightweight, and weatherproof, which will offer me some peace of mind if I get caught in a torrential hurricane. Plus, the faux fur lining sounds so plush and posh and I think even my iPad deserves to be snug and warm now that the weather's getting cooler.

As far as the search for my perfect tote, it's still ongoing. I just haven't found "the one" yet. I'm weighing trendiness with functionality and price, so it's rather tough. Currently when I travel, I use my Longchamp le pliage medium-sized tote (bought it in Paris, how proper, right?), which is surprisingly roomy, but it's getting a bit beat up. I need it to be a zip top so that when I send it through the conveyor belt at security check-in, I won't worry about the contents spilling out if it tips over. And it has to be big enough to hold my iPad or netbook plus my toiletries bag, tiny wallet, passport, and other knickknacks but small enough that it doesn't look ridiculous and oversized compared to my small frame.

And here's a little gift: $25 for $50 to spend at hautelook - there's a limit of 1 coupon per customer, but I snatched this right up and snagged a few goodies already.