Snorkeling in Maui

As the weather here gets colder and colder, I look forward to my Maui trip more and more.
One of the main activities we have planned for our Hawaii trip is snorkeling. I've only fake-snorkeled in a swimming pool before so I'm really excited to do the real thing. Maui is the most popular Hawaiian island for snorkeling so I think we're definitely in for an amazing experience.

However, I'm reading up on the pros and cons of renting vs. buying to try and decide what to do. I'm not a giant germaphobe but I do have some apprehensive feelings about putting a snorkel in my mouth that might've been used by someone who never brushes their teeth. But making room in my luggage for snorkeling equipment is as equally unappealing.

I'll probably end up making my mind up last minute, depending on how full my luggage seems and how clean the rental equipment looks.

33 more days of waiting.