Business Class to Paris!

There's an Open Skies sale on Hautelook right now and the offer is mighty appealing. It's for a $450 voucher to be used towards any Open Skies flight and it'll only cost you $99. I just did a random search for a flight in February to Paris and it's $750, each way. There is a limit of one voucher per booking, per person, so I would strategize and book the departing and return flights separately to maximize the vouchers' capabilities. It would still cost just $399, each way which is still rather amazing since it's business class.  An $800 flight to Paris is kind of typical, but flying in luxury for $800 is pretty special. The catch is that you have to use it before March 2012, so only a few months left.

If I didn't have Maui and Istanbul already in my schedule, I'd definitely hop on this right away. Open Skies is amazing - it's a subsidiary of British Airways and offers business class only (yes, the entire plane), which is kind of nuts. Damn that voucher expiration date!