Size Matters

There's a Heys Luggage sale on! Lots of 3-piece luggage sets (22", 26", 30"), normally worth more than $1000 for less than $250; not bad.

I'm not too keen on buying anything because I have no need to invest in a bag that's too big to be used as a carry-on right now but maybe you do?

They even have scales for sale, for those of you who worry about having bags that are too heavy. I've never worried too much because I'd know if my bag was too heavy (because I wouldn't be able to carry it) but be aware that most airlines do put weight limitations on carry on luggage in addition to the limitations on the dimensions of your bag.

I haven't seen too much muss or fuss over the weight of my bag (except a few times in Europe while flying Ryanair and Easyjet) but I have witnessed multiple people who had bags that looked a bit too bulky and the airline agents stopped them and told them they had to check their bags and pay the fees. It seems like the airlines are looking to squeeze pennies wherever they can so now I bring a tiny paper tape measure with me (I like the free ones from Ikea, I keep a stash in my luggage), just in case I ever need to prove that I'm following the rules.