Scrapbooking and Snapfish

I love making scrapbooks and photo albums (hard copy ones) for my travels. Nowadays, it's so easy to share photos on facebook or picasa or flickr, etc. but I like to sit down with hard copy prints to put them in albums and frames and decorate my room.

Snapfish is a photo share&print website (associated with Hewlett Packard) that lets you order and print photos for a relatively decent price. I first signed up for it when I got my first HP computer for school and it was automatically listed as one of the 'favorites' in my Internet Explorer.

I know there are a lot of other photo host and print sites out there, but this is the one I am most familiar with and have used most often. That's because they send out emails relatively often with free shipping codes or deals on prints. They also send out deals on collage mugs and photo books and other stuff, but I haven't ever ordered anything but prints.

I love their free shipping deals because otherwise, it's friggin' expensive. Often times, the shipping can cost more than half of the price of your prints!

Some tips:
  1. When you first sign up for the site, you get free prints (I think 20)
  2. If you recommend the site to a friend and he or she signs up, you get free prints (I think 20... I remember when I was ordering prints for my first London trip with my two housemates back in college, we made up a bunch of fake emails in order to take advantage of this... this is illegal... but still, a nifty trick!)
  3. Check your emails for deals or go to RetailMeNot or do a simple google search to find out what the latest offers are
Good thing about this (for me) is that I don't have a time crunch to get albums finished, so usually, I'm content in waiting around for Snapfish to send out a free shipping coupon code.