Saturday, November 20, 2010

Amsterdam! (Day 3)

Spui Square
Spui Square
Our third and final day in Amsterdam was only a half day, as we had to catch a bus to Eindhoven at 13:15. We got up in the morning, packed our bags, and headed back to Pancakes! for breakfast. We were tempted to order the bacon, leek, mushroom, and cheese pancake again, but we decided to get the smoked salmon, guacamole, and creme fraiche pancake and the coconut pancake with banana and condensed milk. Both were delicious! And surprise! We decided to take a bacon, leek, mushroom, and cheese pancake to go! They put it in a pizza box for us so we could eat it on the go.

Afterwards, we stopped by Spui Square, where there was a market set up with old records and books. We barely browsed before we headed to Lanskroon (site is in Dutch) to pick up some stroopwafels. I'd read about them online before the trip and I was really excited to try. We asked for two and the chick serving us said that we wouldn't be disappointed. They were SO GOOD; crunchy cookie-like waffles surrounding a caramely syrup. YUMMY!

Then we scurried towards the tram to get to Centraal Station. It turned out that we'd surpassed our 48-hr time limit on our chipkaarts because the scanner made a sad beeping sound and lit up red instead of green. Oops! We stayed on the tram nonetheless. Then we headed to the bus where we were greeted by the same bus driver that had brought us to Amsterdam. Oh no! Slow driver again!

Once we arrived at the airport, we headed to the food court area so we could chow down on our pancake. Even though it was cold, it was still really yummy! The cheese in the batter is what really did it for me.

Soon after, we caught our flight and we were headed back towards Dublin.

Next up: Dublin Part 2

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