past trips and future ones

Here are just a few shots (from my journal) that show where I've previously travelled to in Europe. I'll have to eventually do some posts on the best sights to visit in the cities I've been to.

Here's a day-by-day list of everything I did in London (my first trip to Europe)

Here's my first mini euro trip! I learned on this trip that being poor and unable to afford food = the best diet!

Actually, we didn't end up making it to Edinburgh.

Uh, yeah, I inserted this stupid photo just to show you that I went to Madrid

And here's our itinerary for our upcoming trip! YAYYY!

I know I keep going to London and Paris over and over, but I am sorry, those are my favorite cities. I can't help it. Plus, they are the most accessible, meaning, flights to London are usually relatively cheap (compared to other flights during the same season) and it's so easy to get to Paris once you are in London and vice versa.


  1. it was seriously the best diet. tho for me it was hard to tell if i lost any weight cuz i went to namibia right after. tho i didnt eat too much in namibia cuz hannah & i were on a budget, its hard to get around anywhere without riding in a car so barely any exercise. when i got back from all those trips and weighed myself in nj, i was the same as b4 leaving for europe!

  2. and i bet walking around with our luggages (ie. bringing our stuff to shilpa's place, rmb???) was like the tipping point of our diet. massive weight lifting and speed walking. hahaha

  3. yes! maybe you didn't lose weight b/c you just built up muscle! hahaha, seriously, the power walking and the heavy lifting were brutal!


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