flights - logistics

This flight stats website is really pretty useful to keep track of any new updates to your flights. I supposed you could also keep track on your airline's website as well, but this one has a few extra things like typical punctuality ratings (not sure how accurately these are evaluated though) and terminal and gate information.

Check the TSA website as well for any last minute updates. I recently found out that JFK got one of those AIT (advanced imaging technology) body scanners! Here's the article describing the machines. I think they're a huge invasion of privacy because the person looking at the images can basically see your naked body. Oh well, I guess whatever the government needs to do to keep us safe from terrorism is necessary.

OH! And another glitch in our plans. I just read on Delta's website that France's Air Traffic Controller's Union plans on going on strike for a few scheduled days. And guess what? Our flight out to Paris (from Dublin) is on one of those scheduled days. Just terrific, right? I guess it's good I found out now so we can start thinking up alternate plans for if our flight is one of the cancelled ones.

In twelve hours, I should be boarding the airplane, getting ready to jet off to Europe, weather permitting. Forecast says it's going to stop raining in the early evening so hopefully there aren't any flight delays for us (which is another thing you should check for the day of your departure; weather!). Anyway, my fingers crossed!