DC Part 2: Dumbarton Oaks

The second fun activity we did in DC (not including the food adventures) was Dumbarton Oaks. Dumbarton Oaks is a mansion and garden which used to be owned by the Bliss family, who turned the property over to Harvard U. in 1940. It's a gorgeous place that must be visited if you're in the DC area during the spring, summer, and early autumn. It's open from 2 PM to 5 PM all year. The museum portion is free; regular admission to the gardens is $8 and $5 for students, seniors, and babies.

If you recall from my DC Part 1 post, my camera had some issues so the following photos are from my iPhone. I also didn't take quite as many photos as I wanted to because my phone battery was dying and we needed to book an Uber back home (I'll talk about Ubers in a separate post) so I had to be quite conservative. Nonetheless, I think I captured some decent shots.

Dumbarton Oaks is about a 10 to 15 minute walk from Georgetown.

I mean, honestly, doesn't this look like a fairytale? I felt like I was Alice in Wonderland, running from the playing cards in the Queen of Hearts' garden.
And, though the cherry blossoms in town were looking pretty haggard, there were plenty of blooms to gawk at here.
I highly recommend a visit to Dumbarton Oaks. D and I talked about how our parents would take us to places like this as children (not together, we didn't know each other until college) but I was really unappreciative as a kid. I'd be whining about being bored and scream every time a bee passed by my head. By the way, that screaming bee thing hasn't changed (it happened at Dumbarton Oaks) but now, it's followed by laughter instead of tears. Anyway, it's crazy how you can compare your grownup self to your kid self, right? I guess I'm old now because I can appreciate blooms and shrubbery and fresh air.

So after D. Oaks, I met up with a friend who I've known since grammar school. Isn't that crazy? She's living in the DC area now and she graciously invite D and I to a cool new apartment tour and a fun happy hour. Don't we look cute? I should find our class photo from third grade and do a little side-by-side.
I have a couple more posts about DC so come back for more (please)!



  1. I'm famous!! PS - I would LOVE to see a side-by-side :)

    1. Haha! When I get home from this North Dakota trip, I'm seriously going to look for our class photo!


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