DC Part 1: Washington National Cathedral

The DC trip was so much fun and I'm excited to share my photos and experiences with you. One thing that made this trip extra nice and decadent was that it was relatively local and the duration of the trip was rather short so I was able to pack a small bag with several outfits. My travel companion and I both love fashion so it was fun for us to be able to do an outfit change before dinner both nights.
So, we rolled into town around 6PM and started off our trip with lots of food. You can check out the food-related stuff over on my food blog. I haven't shared it just yet but the posts will be up soon.

We didn't do the "usual" stuff, in the sense that we didn't head straight to the Mall and the monuments. The main reason we wanted to head down to DC was to see the cherry blossoms. But guess what? The day before we were heading down, Mother Nature had a sobbing fit (re: it rained) so most of the blooms were washed away. So, we decided to do some more unusual stuff.

Our first stop was the Washington National Cathedral. A few years ago, there was an earthquake which destroyed parts of the church but it's still beautiful. Admission is $10, which isn't bad at all, right? The building and grounds are gorgeous.
How much do you love the cushions in the pews? I love the camel one.
You can take the elevator up to the top and get a great view of the grounds and DC. You can see the Washington Monument from up here.
The Cathedral also has amazing, fun gargoyles; there's even one that looks like Darth Vader.
Okay, so my camera does this weird thing where it says the memory card is full even when it isn't and that's what happened about half an hour into walking around the cathedral. That happened just as D was trying to snap the photo below. So, she whipped out her iPhone and I whipped out mine. No big deal; sometimes, crap happens and you just have to go with the flow.
One of my favorite bits was the little mini cathedral on top of the signs.
And my other favorite thing was the Bishop's Garden. It was so lovely.
So that's that for my Cathedral photos. I'm slowly editing photos and sorting through the best shots so the DC posts will come a bit sporadically. Please check in when you get a chance!