Volta 2014

After brunch at Isola, my favorite friend and I headed to the Volta show. Lucky for me, my friend is super cool and a gallerist whose lovely gallery (Dillon Gallery) had a booth at the show and she invited me to tag along on Sunday, the last day of the show.
I thought last year's show was a bit more fun (I just looked through my archives and I guess I never blogged about it, whoops) but we did see a few really great pieces and I fell in love with one of the last booths we visited (which you'll see once you scroll down). I will warn you that I didn't jot down every artist's name so I can't label all of these. Sorry, but I was trying to enjoy myself and not turn this outing into a chore.

This Spongebob display was pretty weird but fun. [Alfred Steiner, Gallery Poulsen]
I took so many closeups at this booth because there were so many fun details. I mean, look at them.
Fun chairs - one is three dimensional, the other is a perfect piece of art for a corner.
Loved the gold detailing on these paintings. [Masatake Kousaki, Dillon Gallery]
I died of laughter at the cranky baboon.
Loved these paper art pieces too. They looked so sweet and there was so much detail.
Okay, here's the finale and my favorite booth of the entire show! [Michael Caines, Mulherin]
I'm a dog lover, so obviously I went crazy for these paintings. I loved the black & white portrait style, which made these look sleek and modern. At the same time, there was something really classic about the composition, like Dutch Renaissance art (think 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' or 'Portrait of a Man in a Turban').
After the show, we did a little more shopping, had dinner, and then dessert at the Little Cupcake Bakeshop. YUM.
And then, I hopped back on the train to go home.
Keep an eye out for the Volta Show next year. It's fun, a lovely way to immerse yourself in art for a few hours, and sometimes you discover some gems (like the way I stumbled onto those dog paintings).