Houston Part 3

Here's my third (and final) installment of photos from Houston. These are my favorites. We went to David Adickes Sculpturworx Studio to see the giant presidents' heads and the giant Beatles sculptures. It was so much fun, despite the fact that we had a bit of trouble recognizing all of the presidents. There were a bunch of duplicates which confused us even further. I did my best to label everyone but I'm bound to have made a mistake. Feel free to correct me.
At first glance, it just looks like an abandoned lot until you see these guys, just jamming out.

{The Beatles}
{so many busts}
{giving Lincoln a little smooch with Bill in the background}
{Harrison | G. W. Bush | Madison? | Monroe? (the butt chin) | young FDR? I dunno | G. H. W. Bush}
{Taft | Teddy | Arthur}
{John | George | Ringo | Paul}
{cute dog}
{cute dog 2}
{FDR | Jefferson? | Washington | Teddy | Truman | Jackson}
{Tyler? | Grant | Madison?}
{Obama | Truman}
{Jackson | Washington}
{Washington | Truman}
{picking George's nose}
{ George W. | Taft}
{Here comes the sun, doo doo doo doo}
And just another shot of this little cutie pie because he's adorable and I miss him.
So that's it for my Houston trip. My next little trip will be DC in mid-April with my favorite friend. I can't wait!