D.C. Trip is Booked

My best travel buddy and I are heading to DC in a few weeks. Her sister lives there and she generously agreed to host us so we have free lodging! Whee! Thanks, J! Also, buses from NY to DC are so common, convenient, and affordable so this is going to be a lovely cheap trip. We used Megabus to book our tickets and we were able to score the cheapo $1 seats for our trip down but our trip back up set us back around $35 each. That's still not bad considering DC2NY is always $30 each way and Amtrak is usually something like $200. Honestly, Amtrak is awesome though because train schedules don't get delayed by traffic so it's much more consistent and reliable and comfortable so if you don't mind the price difference, I'd say it's the best option.
As you may or may not know, I was in Baltimore for over a year (for work) and so I popped down to DC here and there - mostly for EDM shows - but I haven't had a proper fun DC holiday since 2009, I think. Two of my great friends from high school were down there for the summer so myself and another friend wiggled on down and we spent an awesome long weekend together. L and I took photos at the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument, we walked around the Mall and popped into a few of the museums, you know, the usual touristy stuff. We also went to the National Cathedral, which has the coolest gargoyles, and ate at the Good Stuff Eatery (hello, Spike from Top Chef). We also went to the NGA Sculpture Garden, dipped our toes in the fountain (everyone else was doing it too), while a live jazz band played in the corner.
For this upcoming trip, D and I don't have any specifics planned but we're both hoping that the cherry blossoms stick it out until we get down there. Oh, and we've both got our fingers crossed that the weather will be lovely and sunny and warm and we can sport skirts and dresses. Here's what I'm thinking of packing right now. I've obviously got high hopes that it'll be seriously lovely and warm. I'm also going to be rocking a lot of "girl hot" looks, you know, because there are a lot of things like red lipstick and wedged heels that guys think are ugly but that girls love and since it's a girls' trip, it's the perfect time to really rock those things.
Generally, I tend to plan way too far in advance and there are always some major changes made to my packing list just before it's time to leave. But that's fine because I love planning. I think it's fun. I'm wondering if it'll be sandal weather, and if so, I'm going to have to get a pedicure. Oh my gosh, I can't wait for pedicure weather (not because I like painting my toes, even though I do, but I'm just excited for the warmth). I'm definitely packing a few evening outfits as well, as I believe we plan on doing at least one lovely dinner

As always, I will share all of my snaps afterwards. Man, travel blogging is so much more fun with a good camera. I love it. I wish I could just go on holiday all the time.



  1. DC! You'll have to let me know when you're here, maybe we can catch up! :)

    1. Ooh yeah! I hope we can! I'll fb msg you :):)


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