Kitchen Renovation

I wish I could say I have another glamorous set of travel plans coming up but sadly, I do not. In August, I had two large expenses come out of my bank account. The first was the final balloon payment on my car. The second was a kitchen renovation. Yes, I paid for both of these things out of pocket. I'm a pretty frugal person so I had a good sum of money in the bank to finance both of these things without going broke. But, because I'm a frugal person, I don't plan on dipping into that money to pay for a vacation - at least not a glamorous one. I will, of course, do other fun things - after all, I live 30 miles west of New York City - but alas, no more snorkeling trips in 2013. I weep.

Okay, wow, this post is getting super boring and weird. The reason I am writing this entry is because I just wanted to share the link to my food blog so you can read about my kitchen renovation, if you are interested. At this point, things are coming along swimmingly and it's pretty exciting. But, I expect things to get pretty dull around this blog. I'll probably have plenty of DIY projects though, especially since Halloween and the holiday season is approaching.