Bunny Cactus

I'm just realizing now that I never shared my bunny cactus! I think it made a brief appearance in my New Office entry but that's not enough! I love this little guy. He's so cute.
I picked him up while I was at Home Depot. I can't remember why I was at Home Depot - it was probably kitchen renovation related - anyway who even cares about why I was at Home Depot? He's the best, regardless of the back story. Home Depot actually had a huge selection of flowering cacti but I gravitated toward this one immediately because of the way the plants look like two rabbits. Then, I looked around and saw a few hot pink flowering cacti, some flowery succulents, and some neon plants and started thinking I should buy a bunch. But, I calmed myself down, picked up this little guy, and brought him home.

I found a tiny little shotglass-y teacup thing in the cupboard and it turned out to be the perfect size so I re-potted it. I hate those plastic default containers. They're so ugly! You don't have to be fancy and get some sort of elaborate planter though. Just grab a mismatched teacup or a mug or a tiny pail - Target's dollar section always seems to have cute containers that would be awesome for smaller plants - and re-pot your plant. Give it a little love and make it worthy of being on display. I've had him for a few months already and he's only gotten one or two spritzes of water. That's the great thing about cacti: super low-maintenance and practically impossible to kill.
How much do you love that little blue flower? I can't even.