DIY Hair Brooch

A few weeks ago, I was perusing Asos. I was just "window shopping" and trying to get some fashion inspiration when I came across so many pretty hair brooches. Many of them looked like they were just made with a bit of felt and a triangle clip so I thought to myself, as I often do, "I could totally make those." So I did.
You'll need:
triangle hair clips
rhinestones, beads, sequins - anything you want to use to decorate
hot glue, super glue, needle & thread - anything you want to use to attach the decorative bits
I had a pack of colorful rhinestones that I purchased over a year ago just sitting in my craft box and I thought I'd make use out of them. I think it's good to start with a theme or a color and lay out your design before starting.

Next, cut out your felt in an appropriate size and shape; you'll need two pieces that are the same size and shape. It should be big enough to cover the triangle clip. I started out with a square piece. Next, fold one of the pieces in half and cut a little slit in the felt, making sure not to cut all the way through.
Open up the triangle clip and slide the smaller piece through the hole you just made in the felt. Then glue down the bigger side to the felt.
On the second piece of felt, glue or sew your design down. I chose a sort of flower-like pattern using pretty light green and clear rhinestones. Trim the felt around the design, if necessary.
Then, glue the decorated piece of felt to the piece with the triangle clip. Make sure to glue the decoration on top of the larger side of the triangle clip. The smaller side of the clip (the part you poked through the hole) should be on the bottom. This is the piece that will clip into your hair. The last step is to trim the excess felt.
Actually, the real last step is to clip it into your hair and take it for a spin. How easy was that? I plan on making a bunch more. These hair brooches are awesome for spicing up a ponytail or clipping hair out of your face, like I did below. They add a little something and makes you look like you put in a bit of effort, even if you didn't.
On the same night, I finally finished a DIY I'd planned months ago. It's just a simple necklace with teeny tiny beads, inspired by some jewelry I saw at the Brooklyn Flea Market.
It's pretty straight forward so I'm not sharing the steps (unless someone specifically requests, which is unlikely). However, I'm quite proud of myself for finally making it (took me all of 5 minutes) and I love how it turned out so I'm throwing in a few photos.
Thanks for reading and happy crafting.