San Juan: Where to Eat

We ate a lot of delicious food while we were in San Juan, though I'm not going to lie and say it was ALL good because there were some misses amongst the hits. This link will take you to my yelp list for San Juan places, which includes places from my previous trip as well as the recent one. And as of today, I haven't actually finished reviewing all of the spots from this trip, so I'm sorry - shame on me.

I don't want to review every restaurant here, as that would be redundant and also, I'm lazy so I'll just share a few photos and add captions and maybe a quick description.
La Playita restaurant, pretty sky - probably my favorite restaurant that we visited
La Playita Restaurant. Photos (clockwise from top left): L and I sipping our coco loco, avocado and shrimp salad, paella, and churrasco with chimichurri and rice
Sofia's Italian Kitchen: our white wine sangrias - this place was delicious
Sofia's Italian Kitchen. (photos clockwise from top left): fettuccine with mushroom sauce and scallops, nutella creme brulee, white wine sangrias, seafood risotto, seafood linguine, baked gnocchi in tomato sauce, rolls and pesto butter
Metropol: J's roasted chicken was good and so was my congri rice (rice made with black beans) but L ordered this pork chop thing that looked like something straight out of the stone age. They also really love the taste of raw garlic here; our bread was rubbed all over with raw garlic, the chimichurri sauce was overwhelmingly garlicky, and the garlic butter also used raw garlic. However, I will say that prices were pretty reasonable and portion sizes were HUGE.
Club Brava (located inside El San Juan Resort & Casino): we got in without a cover on ladies' night and indulged in a few happy hour-priced cocktails. PR's legal drinking age is 18 though, so the crowd was much younger than we expected.

BLT Steakhouse (inside the Ritz Carlton). Photos (clockwise from top left): complimentary gruyere popovers, butter with a little cow printed on the cover, grilled JUMBO shrimp, seared scallops with polenta, complimentary espresso cookies, grilled asparagus, creamy spinach, and a porterhouse for 2.
We were in PR about a week before my birthday so the girls surprised me with this fruit plate at the restaurant.
Vaca Brava (in Old San Juan). Sort of a touristy place but the food was decent. L and I both got the chimichurri burger with chimichurri fries and D and J both got the grilled chicken breast with paella on the side.
Cafe Cuatro Sombras (in Old San Juan). J got a cappuccino because she wanted to see some latte foam art. I got to taste it and it was amazing. J and L also got bags of coffee to bring home.
And I saved the best for last: Las Canarias. Las Canarias was a cute little diner-style deli, a 5 minute walk from our hotel, with so many choices for food. D and I went there for breakfast our first day there and got steak and eggs and it totally hit the spot. They also have a bunch of tapas (we tried the seafood salad and it was so good) and different baked goods.
holding up the fried eggs
We also ate at a sushi place, Yamiko Sushi Bar (20 minute walk from our hotel) but didn't take any photos there, since sushi isn't anything special (in relation to Puerto Rico).

My favorite thing about traveling with these girls is that they all love to eat. I think a bystander at any of our meals would think that none of us had ever seen food before because we'd always eat like it was our last meal. Love you girls!