Girly Post: Sparkly Nails

Today I'll be sharing two different nail looks, one is an ombre-ish glitter nail and the other is a matte silver with rhinestones look (which I actually did for Halloween but I think would be nice for the holidays as well).

I was trying to make my nails look like falling snow collecting on the ground or maybe the fake glitter snow inside of a snow globe floating to the bottom. Well, whatever it is, I achieved the look by first painting my nails with base coat and then a base color (I used Sand Tropez by Essie, which is a nude peachy color). Then, I applied a blue glitter nail polish (Stroke of Brilliance by Essie) in 3 steps. First, I wiped off 90% of the polish from the brush and just patted the glitter onto most of my nail, which you can see in the first frame. You just want a few flecks of glitter here and there. Then, I dipped back into the bottle and coated the brush in lots of glittery polish and patted it onto the bottom 1/2 of my nail, which you can see in the second frame. Last step was to dip back into the bottle and then apply the glittery polish to the bottom 1/4 of my nail - pretty much where you might apply the white polish for a french manicure.
Seal with a top coat and tada! I think this could also look like bubbling champagne too (if I'd used pink glitter). Special effects are courtesy of Instagram.
And here is a shot of my rhinestoned nails from Halloween, but I think this look could be nice for a Christmas party or New Years Eve bash. I just used some rhinestones I had leftover from a craft project so these aren't specialty nail rhinestones or anything. First, I applied a base coat, then I used a silver nail polish (Essie's No Place Like Chrome), and then topped it off with a matte top coat (from Sephora by OPI collection). To get the rhinestones to stick, I just placed them onto my nails while the polish was still wet. If you are worried about the gems falling off, you can always wait for the polish to dry and then use a little bit of crazy glue. Don't worry about damaging your nails because the nail polish will act as a buffer between your nail and the glue.
Whatever the occasion, I always enjoy making my nails look fun. I hope this post inspires you to do the same.