Girly Post: Holiday Nails

It is the holiday season and to get in the spirit, I painted my nails red. But that didn't quite do it for me so I painted over the red with a gold glitter top coat and boy, that was the ticket! Sorry, I wasn't calling you boy, I was just using it as a "gee golly!" type of exclamation.

... And that's the whole post. Not much else to say today, I guess! The red nail polish is from the Gap from a v. long time ago - probably from when I was in middle school which was 10 years ago (OMG I AM OLD BUT THIS POLISH IS AWESOME BECAUSE IT IS STILL GOOD) and the gold glitter top coat is from Essie's Lux Effect top coat collection in "As Gold as it Gets" and it is gorgeous over black and navy polish as well.